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segmented bowl

Hello and welcome to my wood working site.

My name is Eddie (Ed) Lamb, and I live in south west Missouri, with my wife Holly, 6 dogs, three horses, too many cats and 13 chickens. We have a small acreage of land, surrounded by pasture land, thus no neighbors close enough to speak of. Or to complain when I am working with the many power tools in my shop. The shop is a two car garage, insulated doors, walls and ceiling, measuring about 22 feet square. Most of the area is for woodworking, but I have to admit some is still used for storage.

I like to do projects I can finished in a weekend or within one day. As most of you know, if you work, own a home, barns, horses, and other animals your time is very limited . Most of the projects are done in the winter months when I have the time to heat the shop and still get something accomplished.

Of all the woodworking I enjoy working with the wood lathe and recently with the CarveWright wood working system. This machine intrigues me and is a challenge not only in the software, but the machine itself. I hear most say it is a love hate experience. So far there has not been much hate on my end, but I know my day is coming.

Wood lathe

The Wood I use for turning is from fallen trees. I cut the tree into sections, and split that section in half. I try to cut turning blanks and rough cut a bowl before sealing the bowl and setting it aside until it is dry, or seal the blank for later turning. I have a few name brand lathe tools but most of the tools I use are hand made by myself, with handles turned on the lathe.

CarveWright Wood working system

In Late November of 2009, I purchased a CarveWright (Craftmans) wood working system. The CarveWright will be used more during the summer months than the winter months, or when I have heated the shop. Most evenings I work with the 3D software, creating patterns in 3D (click pattern link on left) for carving and to share.


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